Entrust us with your most precious guests
Confiez-nous vos invités les plus précieux

Signature hospitality standards

and a meticulous level

of detail to every

single guest

who we are
Hailing from over 15 years of experience in hotel concierge services and the events industry, we are a consultancy agency that creates remarkable customer experiences for your guests.
We specialize in:
We draw on our extensive expertise in managing all types
of VIP guests : speakers, politicians, celebrities and CEOs
We apply unique customer experience strategies to accompany your participants from the moment they receive their invitation to the end of your event.
As experienced concierges, we pay meticulous attention to the smallest details of an experience and make it our duty to ensure your participants feel like privileged guests.
Our services
Customer experience CX trainig
Our customer experience trainings are tailored to the needs of your team.
Our expertise comes from 15 years of working in the luxury hotel industry as well as a wide range of experience in the international event industry.

We observe the best practices of your employees as well as the reactions and behavior of your customers towards your brand. Our trainings are perfect to reignite the flame of experience creation in your teams and to inspire them to incorporate this practice in their daily work so that your company stands out in today's market.
CX creative consultation
We offer our clients consulting hours to brainstorm innovative ways to enhance the customer experience of their event or business project. We look at current pain points and together we brainstorm unique solutions that are tailored to their customer's needs.
Event concierge service
Our team of experienced event concierges expertly manages the journey of your guests, making them feel special and taken care of before, during and after the event. We skillfully master the participant journey logistics as well as build thoughtful, personalized relationships with your guests along the way.

Our attention to detail and emphasis on authentic, human connection will be the highlight of their experience and will help to secure their future investments in your upcoming events.
Human taking care
of humans, that should always matter
The human element is key to create real tangible emotions and to ensure that your event has a real purpose for your guest
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Entrust us with your most precious guests
Our realizations
National Bank Open
VIP lounges
Museum of contemporary arts
Jean-Coutu Pharmacy congress
Niché Production
The International Economic Forum of the Americas
General civil aviation authority (GCAA) Emirat Arab United
Lulu événement production
F1 MTL Ritz-Carlton Montreal
Opening party
EY World
Entrepreneur of the Year Monaco
Cirque du Soleil
Bajouk CX training
C2 Montréal
C2XO VIP lounge
Ben-Mor - Niché production
Bajouk event concierge
Each member of Bajouk has a variety of experience applying CX strategies in the event industry. This marriage of theory and practice is critical to our strategic approach
Our team
Through our collaboration with our concierges on site, you will be able to strategically develop your initiatives into exceptional participant experiences