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Customer experience (CX) training
Our Bajouk customer experience trainings are tailored to the needs of your team. Our expertise comes from 15 years of working in the luxury hotel industry as well as a wide range of experience in the international event industry
Then we offer a minimum of 3 hours of highly interactive training where we will put your team into action by practicing the concepts discussed during a workshop. Each training session is a personalized experience where your employees will receive a unique accompaniment in order to make them enjoy the same experience that we want them to have with your clients
We observe the best practices of your employees as well as the reactions and behavior of your customers towards your brand
Before each training session, we include an observation and analysis phase in order to personalize our content to your real issues
Our trainings are perfect to reignite the flame of experience creation in your teams and to inspire them to incorporate this practice in their daily work so that your company stands out in today's market
Our training sessions cover a variety of topics aimed at equipping your teams with skills to develop their customer service and customer experience practices
Create memorable experience like a concierge
the employee journey
The metrics of CX - how to measure success
Emotional intelligence(EQ) in CX
Manage the expectations of guests, clients
and colleagues
Today, the customer experience is the only competitive advantage that is difficult to replicate!
Customer experience (CX) training
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