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Simon Bajouk
Simon has always been passionate about creating experiences.

His passion first led him to discover the hotel concierge profession, through which he learned to apply the highest standards of customer service. For over 15 years, he worked as a Les Clefs d'Or concierge in the most prestigious hotels in Montreal. In 2018, he was recruited by C2 Montreal to use his expertise in a completely different field to transform the C2 Montreal attendee experience by creating the new Attendee Experience Department.

The success of this department in the event industry made him want to share his passion to allow more companies to create memorable customer experiences. This is how the idea was born to create the agency Bajouk Signature to share with his clients his unique vision of service and the importance of creating emotions through a personalized experience.
Founder & CEO - Bajouk Signature
Anne-Marie Fecteau
Anne-Marie is passionate about innovation and managing industry operations in the creative sector. With a background in entrepreneurship, marketing and public communications, she has a keen interest in creating innovative products in the customer experience. While working in advertising agencies for a few years, Anne-Marie acquired extensive experience in logistics management and team building, particularly in the event industry.

She has had the opportunity to train customer service teams at several international events: conferences, festivals, hospitality events, sporting events, fashion week and trade shows. In 2019, Anne-Marie is officially partnering with Simon with the intention of creating a specialized CX customer experience and event concierge agency. Simon's vision and passion combined with his strategic mind and visionary spirit make for a very complementary founding duo.

Thanks to her skills in business start-up, Bajouk Signature is taking off and quickly positioning itself in the Montreal market. Creative, she is passionate about innovation in all its forms. She is always looking for new solutions to address a problem. Her strategic mind is strongly involved in the analysis and implementation phases of our mandates.
Co-founder & COO - Bajouk Signature
Yannis Triantafyllou
Yannis has an impressive career as a concierge in the most prestigious hotels in Montreal. He has been the head of the concierge team at the renowned Le St-James Hotel in Montreal, Canada for over 11 years.

This modern day gentleman joined the Bajouk Signature team in the first year to implement our strategies by training our service teams and our clients' employees. He is constantly on the lookout for best practices in the field of customer experience that matchesthe standards of the high-end hotel industry. His diplomacy and elegant approach make him a trusted ally in the implementation of our CX strategies.
Chef Concierge - Bajouk Signature
Alexandra Mercier
Alexandra is first and foremost passionate about people. Having worked in customer service, events and hospitality for more than 10 years, she has also undertaken studies in anthropology and human and organizational communication. Everything that touches the individual, from near or far, has no secrets for her. She has had the opportunity to work with creative and playful teams for the opening of several hotels and has also managed several multidisciplinary teams in Quebec, Ontario and Alberta.

Equipped with a background in animation for individuals and organizations, she builds most of Bajouk Signature's workshops and trainings and always makes sure to offer content and workshops that will meet the needs of the partners. A great believer in innovation and the creation of memorable experiences, she likes to keep abreast of the latest trends in customer and employee experience. Her intellectual curiosity and her ability to listen make her an excellent partner to help you create memorable experiences.
Chef Concierge - Bajouk Signature
Alexis Braux
Alexis is originally from France, but recently moved to Montreal and joined our agency BAJOUK as a concierge in 2022. He is versatile, bilingual, dynamic and caring.

Alexis has many years of experience in the restaurant industry. He is an establishment manager and in addition to coordinating a team of nearly 20 employees, he always considers customer service as a priority task for him. His passion for the customer experience has led him to develop consulting services and training for restaurateurs who wish to improve the experience they offer to their customers.
Concierge - Bajouk Signature
Catherine is gifted with the ability to connect with every type of guest. She has a phenomenal memory for names and faces. She is passionate about assisting guests with all types of requests, to the point where she started her own concierge business to offer her time to companies and clients. She is professional, discreet and very organized.

In her previous life, she was a team leader of flight attendants for Air Canada. It was while working in this profession that she developed an interest in customer service. She puts her energy into accompanying passengers and ensuring their well-being. Catherine obtained her diploma from ITHQ in International hotel management. With Bajouk, she has participated in various conventions and events where she develops the skill of managing all types of registration process. She is our concierge expert in accreditation.
Concierge - Bajouk Signature